Sunday, 28 April 2013

Clay in May exhibition

A number of the 2nd year students have go together to take part in two shows in Carmarthen town this demonstrates a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit  The Oriel King street Gallery is from 2nd May until the 31st.

Hilery Coole

This vessel is part of a project inspired by the designs and fabrics of my parents 1950s home. I have a black and white photograph of  myself as a baby resting against a cushion that my mother and I  recall as being of a heavy, coarsely woven fabric in black, white, yellow and red stripes with a black and white footstep pattern. My mother sewed all the curtains and cushions for their first home from this material on a Singer Sewing Machine she bought from an auntie  
who had never used it. She still owns the Singer but sadly not the  cushions and curtains.

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