Sunday, 28 April 2013

BA3 students getting ready

The inspiration behind my current project lies in industrial structures situated on the outskirts of towns and cities.  Referred to as ‘Edgelands’, these are places which tend to be overlooked as we don’t come into prolonged contact with them on a day to day basis.

BA3 students build up to their end of course exhibition.

The BA3 Ceramics & Jewellery  students are coming to the end of their course. They are completing their final work and getting ready for the show and New designers in London. Here are just a small selection of the work that will be on show.

Tom Fisher soda fired bottles and sculptures

Peter Bodenham Course tutor makes new work

Over the Easter Holidays The course tutor of BA Ceramics & Jewellery course at Coleg Sir Gar makes new work.

BA2 students put on a selling show as part of the closing of The Home for Orphaned Dishes

Its opening on the 18th May where the students will be trying to sell their work. Come and take a look

Clay in May exhibition

A number of the 2nd year students have go together to take part in two shows in Carmarthen town this demonstrates a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit  The Oriel King street Gallery is from 2nd May until the 31st.

Hilery Coole

This vessel is part of a project inspired by the designs and fabrics of my parents 1950s home. I have a black and white photograph of  myself as a baby resting against a cushion that my mother and I  recall as being of a heavy, coarsely woven fabric in black, white, yellow and red stripes with a black and white footstep pattern. My mother sewed all the curtains and cushions for their first home from this material on a Singer Sewing Machine she bought from an auntie  
who had never used it. She still owns the Singer but sadly not the  cushions and curtains.

Addicted to

Neglecting the blog in part is due to the fact that myself and the students have been using as a way of exchanging images and info. If your interested search for Peter Bodenham ceramics and I have lots of art and design pin boards you might want to check out. Many of the students are linked to the page and have given me lots of insight into Jewellery.

Sorry for being off air but we are back

The term is rapidly coming to an end and crescendo as the shows are looming. Students are working for their BA shows and other years are working towards shows in Carmarthen town.