Monday, 18 June 2012

Billey Tilley a Coleg Sir Gar ceramic graduate is showcasing her work at New Designers at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street N1, London between 27th & 30th June.

'I make ceramic functional tableware and sculptures based on the vessel and natural forms.Through these I explore the nature of intimacy, those intuitive decisions we make to cross boundaries and make connections between our inner self and the outer world. Such experiences leave an imprint upon us all, changing who we are and the world. My recent work explores the profound emotional archaeology of the family, and the tender sparkling space of friendships. Vessels are such evocative forms, suggesting, among other things, the idea of an offering and the invisible hands that might make such a gesture. Within this is the notion of life experienced on a uniquely personal, human scale. Porcelain is ideal for expressing fragility when newly thrown. Once fired in a kiln, however, its plasticity is transformed into a material of uncommon strength and beauty. Similarly, human vulnerability experienced during a deep connection with another lover, child or friend is transformed into memories that endure and become precious. The history of studio pottery forms part of a rich combination of source material, particularly the contemplative and beautiful ceramics of Lucie Rie and Rupert Spira. My forms and glazes reflect the natural world, the intensified imagery of Black & White and Technicolor films, natural forms gathered from the landscape, and ancient cave art. A range of my work can be seen at  

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